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Quality Hay
High quality hay has a high nutritive content (including crude protein and digestible energy) and a high intake and acceptability. It is low in cell walls and fiber and free of defects, such as dust, musty odor, mold, and excessive foreign material.

Hay quality really means feed value and should be evaluated accordingly. The factors known to influence hay quality and animal performance include the following: 1) stage of maturity at harvest, 2) leafiness, 3) color, 4) foreign material, and 5) odor and condition.

We cut our hay every 28 days and fertilize after every cutting. We have hay the later part of May through the first frost in November.

Hay varies in quality more than any other harvested feed crop grown on American farms. Hay quality can differ widely even within a single species grown in the same locality. The variation largely is due to a lack of understanding of good haymaking fundamentals and because farmers tend to give less attention to hay crops than to corn, soybeans, small grains, and other crops. Farms producing livestock and livestock products can save money by feeding more high quality hay and less grain per animal unit.

Escondido Farms strives to produce only the highest quality Coastal hay. We make every effort to ensure that our hay provides the very best in palatability, nutrition and digestibility for your animals. By purchasing quality hay, you ensure a healthy animal and minimize the costs of purchasing concentrated feeds, and it is our goal to maintain a consistent supply of quality hay for our valued customers.

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